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1. What is BINEX.TRADE?

In the emerging cryptocurrency industry, it is important to cater to the demands of traders for a cryptocurrency trading exchange. Therefore, BINEX.TRADE provides a user-friendly platform for new traders. It is a cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies against BTC, USDT and native token BEX.

2. What is unique about BINEX.TRADE trading exchange?

At BINEX.TRADE, traders get multiple currency pairs for exchange against BTC, USDT and BEX. It also shares 70% commission earned on trading with token owners on a daily basis.

3. What is BEX Token?

BEX is a real utility token based on ERC20 (Ethereum) that is offered by BINEX.TRADE to its investors in the crowd sale supplemented with various features. The token price of 1BEX = 1USD = 1ERC20.

4. What is a key takeaway for the investors?

BINEX.TRADE is the first crypto-currency exchange that shares its trading fees with its token holders. It shares 70% commission earned on trading with the token holders on a daily basis.

5. Can users across all countries buy BEX token?


1. When does the sale of BEX token begin?

BEX token crowd sale is live from 9th March 2018 and will continue until 120 days or until the hard cap is achieved, whichever is earlier.

2. How many tokens are there?

There are a total of 21 million BEX tokens, out of which 1 million USD worth BEX tokens would be shared by the founders, 2 million BEX tokens will be distributed as Bonus (Pre-Registered Users & Referrals) and the remaining 18 million USD worth BEX would be raised through crowd sale.

3. Why should investors participate in the crowd sale?

Expert traders of crypto-currencies and first-time users are equally welcome to be a part of BINEX.TRADE trading exchange platform. It is a trading exchange that currently provides crowd sale participants to earn maximum out of its BEX token sale. It shares 70% trade commission with token investors on a daily basis.

4. How can I participate and buy BEX in the token sale?

To participate in the token sale, you have to first register on BINEX.TRADE. After verifying your email ID, click on “BUY BEX”. Payments can be made through Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). Tokens will be allotted on ‘first come first serve’ basis.

5. What if all the 21M generated token are sold before the launch of the exchanges?

If the 21M token are sold before the launch of the exchange, then the investors must wait till the platform launches.

6. Why does BINEX.TRADE have a minimum purchase of 100 and maximum 5000 BEX?

To avoid unequal distribution of BEX tokens and to ensure large participation during crowdsale.

7. How much time it takes to get BEX credit?

You will get BEX directly into your Account>Dashboard>Token balance.

8. If I register without referral code, can I go back and add it?

Yes, you can add it while purchasing BEX.

9. What is Alpha launch?

Alpha launch will be live demo, that will enable users to try platform risk free.

1. How can I purchase BEX via Ethereum?

If you have selected Ethereum as a payment option to purchase BEX, enter your Ethereum wallet address from where you will make your payment. Also re-enter your Ethereum address for refund incase of transaction failure. After clicking on proceed, you will receive the ETH address and the exact amount on which you have to make a payment, in order to purchase BEX.

2. How long will it take for the BEX to be credited after making the payment?

You can check the status of the transactions, by clicking on Link- / View on Blockchain. The status will be changed from 'Awaiting Broadcast' to 'Confirmed'. If you have transferred directly from an exchange, the transaction might take some time to reflect.

1. What is the BEX Token price in the crowd sale?

BEX token will be equal to 1 USD.

2. Is there a minimum / maximum investment limit during the Token Sale?

The minimum investment during the token sale is 100 BEX and the maximum is 5000 BEX.

3. What is the hard cap (maximum) of the Token Sale?

BINEX.TRADE will not raise an amount more than 18 million USD in the token sale.

4. Where do I have to register to buy BEX token?

Click to register yourself to buy BEX token.

1. When do I get my BEX Tokens?

All the BEX tokens will be delivered to the investors in their BEX wallet after the launch of the exchange.

2. What happens to tokens that are not sold in the Token Sale?

The unsold tokens shall be distributed proportionally amongst the BEX token holders.

3. Can we sell our tokens any time during the later stage?

Post launch of the exchange, token holders can trade their BEX tokens at will.

4. In how much time the token holder would make returns on the investments?

The revenue earned will be proportionally distributed amongst the token holders on a daily basis, once the exchange is operational.

5. What is the payout commission between the token holder and BINEX.TRADE?

BINEX.TRADE will proportionally share 70 % of its trade commission amongst its token holders and will utilize 30% for the enhancement & maintenance of exchange.

6. How can I exchange 5 BEX to money?

Once the exchange launches, you can trade BEX with other cryptocurrencies.

7. How much will I get if I invest 5000 BEX tokens?

Returns will start from the launch day of exchange and it depends upon the volume of trading exchange.

8. Will the token price 1BEX=1USD go up in the value during the ICO or will it stay at the same price till the time frame?

The value of BEX will remain the same only till the course of ICO. Later, the price of BEX will depend upon the business, the exchange generates.

9. If the BINEX.TRADE grows, will 70% trade commission still be shared with BEX token holders?

Our dividend payouts are locked at 70% of trade commission earned. Please read our agreement for further clarity.

10. Will BINEX.TRADE will be functioning same as forex?

BINEX.TRADE is built only for spot and margin trading of cryptocurrencies.

1. Where do I find my referral code?

Login in BINEX.TRADE and click on ‘Refer and Earn’. User can share referral link to other users.

2. What are the earnings made by the referrer using his referral code?

The referrer will be entitled with 1 BEX for every sign up using his referral code and will also receive 5% BEX on every purchase from referred users.

3. What are the earnings made by the referrals?

The referee will receive free BEX as per pre-registration slab - first 60k signups will get – 5 BEX, second 100k signups will get – 3 BEX and third 400k signups will get- 1 BEX. In addition to this, the referee will also receive 5% discount on every purchase of BEX.

4. Is there a limitation to the number of people whom I can refer?

There are no limitations for referring users on the BINEX.TRADE platform.

1. What is Ambassador Program at BINEX.TRADE??

Brand Ambassador Program is an initiative to extend the philosophy of BINEX.TRADE and its BEX token utility among the trading community of their respective regions through selected individuals and their channels of communication. These ambassadors will be passionately spreading company’s awareness, vision and values.

2. Who can participate in Ambassador Program?

Users who are passionate about BINEX.TRADE’s vision and values or having knowledge of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and the zeal to help others learn can participate in the Ambassador Program.

3. How to become an Ambassador for BINEX.TRADE?

To become an Ambassador for BINEX.TRADE, kindly pre-register on, https://Binex.Trade fill in the application form under Brand Ambassador Section in user Dashboard and submit. Once the application is received the screening process will begin and a response will be sent within 4 working days. The suitable applicants will be approved as Ambassadors and will receive an email explaining their individual task list.

4. How does Ambassador Program work?

The approved Ambassador will be assigned tasks that need to be completed within the time allotted. Users completing their tasks will have to submit the proof of work for further evaluation. After verifying the task list, users will be paid in BEX accordingly.

5. What are the opportunities and benefits of Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador will get the opportunity to become the face of BINEX.TRADE platform in their respective countries. This platform will benefit Ambassador to earn upto 10,000 BEX tokens based on the task list completed.

6. When will the Ambassador Program end?

The purpose of this Program is to spread awareness and encourage users about the values and vision of BINEX.TRADE. Hence, we will keep the Ambassador Program live till further update.